I’m sticking with a 5-0 Aussie win, says Glenn McGrath

McGrath in his final test series - the 2006-07...

Glann McGrath - Image via Wikipedia

Australia’s destroyer of so many England batting line-ups delivers his 10 predictions for the Ashes

1 It will be another Australia whitewash
I’m still going with the 5-0. I can’t really say anything else now, I guess I’ve dug a bit of a hole for myself, but I’ve got total faith in our boys. It should be a good series. The games should all be relatively close, with Australia just getting home in every Test.

2 The youngsters will come good
I am happy with the selectors right now. They’ve gone for a 17-man squad. I’m not sure they’ve ever done that before in a home series, but if you’re a young cricketer in Australia it must be a pretty exciting time. If you do well you can start putting your hand up for the Australian team. I think there’s a good mix there.

3 Ricky Ponting will hold it all together
I believe, 100%, Ricky Ponting should still be captain of this team. With those young players you need someone of Rick’s experience. I don’t think they really could have done anything else. I’ve got huge of respect for Ricky as a person and as a captain. He will always be a quality batsman. I thought he’d retire as the top run scorer of all time, although Sachin [Tendulkar] may now have put that beyond him.

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