Graeme Swann is trumped by his old mate Mike Hussey

2009-10 SCG Test: Hussey Slog Sweep

Image by pj_in_oz via Flickr

It was only the second delivery that Mike Hussey received from Graeme Swann in the series. He shimmied down the pitch with intent, but he couldn’t quite get into the ideal position for his purpose, which was to whack the ball to the boundary.

In a fraction of a second Hussey had a decision to make. Should he go through with the shot or should he hit the safety valve by simply getting some part of his body or equipment in the way? His feet were in the wrong place. But Hussey trusted his arms. He swung through the line of the ball. Ball hit meat of bat before sailing into the stands at long-on. There was a roar from the up-turned cake-tin that is the modern Gabba.

Full story: The Guardian


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