Operation Ashes Retrieval – Day 1 of 25 (Thoughts from the Dustbin)

Status is as follows:

Operatives all in place; Head Agent P had disappointing start as coin failed to follow orders and land in the required way. As a result, Head Agent P and his men were send into the field.

It was not a complete failure.

Report on agents’ positions to follow:

Agent Hilf – not bad, 1 hit

Agent Johns – no hits, not brilliant

Agent X – nice first assignment, 2 hits

Agent Twat – still a big blonde airhead, but is forgiven for his 1 hit and starting the second session well

Agent N – brought in for a laugh, no hits

Agent Sids – returning to action after time out and has quietened critics and Englishmen alike – 6 hits including 3 running.

Agent Kat – started shakey, but settled nicely. Mission control should hope for a good early session tomorrow from Agent Kat and Agent Twat.

Opposition status – all hits gone for 260
Mission status – no hits for 25

Report ends.


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