And so @theashes goes viral (she is the chosen one)

While the Pommie bowlers were smacking the Mitch up and giving Australia a lesson in how to bat at The Gabba on day four of a Test match, an internet meme was being born.

At the time of writing the handle was still correct, it might have changed in the mean time but here is the genius story.

As with any sporting event, or event in general these days, cricket fans across the globe assumed that The Ashes would have a Twitter personality. As a result, cricket tragics starting Tweeting @TheAshes along with the standard hashtag. Unbeknown to cricket tragics everywhere @TheAshes did have a Twitter personality but it was a lot different to what we have all come to know The Ashes as.

The Ashes Twitter personality was angry. Furious, in fact. Because ‘The Ashes’ on Twitter eventually spoke, proclaiming: “I AM NOT A FREAKING CRICKET MATCH!!!”

Oh dear. And she would be quite right. The Ashes is, in fact, a cricket series. A five match Test series, spread across a month and a half or so.

A couple of ReTweets from the cricket Twitterati and @TheAshes, a presumably enraged emo kid from somewhere in the United States, had gone viral. Within a matter of hours she went from around 300 followers to more than 2000.

In fact, with the Australians in the piss poor state that they were, people were more interested in @TheAshes on Twitter than the Ashes on tele. We’re assuming that she is still sleeping in America but with a flurry of followers and tangent of Tweets, we can’t wait to see the response in a few hours….

I appeal to all cricket tragics across the globe to capitalise on this, though. Use this opportunity to spread to cricket gospel to the outskirts of America. Use this woman who has been CHOSEN by the Gods of cricket and the spirit of WG Grace to spread the GOSPEL. Hallelujah, brothers and sisters! If there ever was a sign that our cricketing brotherhood is strong, it is now.  This vessel has been sent to us to carry the gospel to the last conquered land, America.


via Paddle Sweep blog



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