Operation Ashes Retrieval – Day 2 of 25 (Thoughts from the Dustbin)

Agents Twat and Kat returned to the scene of play. The opposition returned to the field.

Report on Agents’ positions as follows: 

Agent Twat – impressive with the bat, but little battles with partner, Agent Kat, must be stopped. 36.

Agent Kat – as slow and solid as ever. Needs to smack Agent Twat around the head at times. 50.

Agent P – not good enough. Suffered at the hands of a Lancastrian with a poor record in Australia. 10.

Agent Pup – also not good enough. Attacked by a little girl then taken out by Finn. 9.

Agent N – yikes. 1.

Agent Hads – Looking impressive in his support role with Agent Muss. Current status = 22

Agent Muss – stepped up and took the opposition by the throat. May have saved the day for our operatives. Current status = 81.

Mission status – 5 hits gone for 220.

Report ends.

Blog post by Kirby, Thoughts from the Dustbin


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