Operation Ashes Retrieval – Day 6 of 25 (via Thoughts from the Dustbin)

Operation resumed at 1030 in the am local time.

By 1035 local time, operation was looking shite. 

Status is as follows:

Agent P successfully called the coin; Agent P chose to send Agents Twat and Kat to the middle.

Report on agents’ positions as follows:

Agent Kat – is probably having his fist surgically removed from Agent Twat as I write

Agent Twat – might want to speak a little louder, but still 51

Agent Clarke – possibly unlucky but still: ye gads!

Agent P – not good enough, again.

Agent Muss – Our Saviour, who did his best but it won’t be enough 93

Agent N – made it out of single figures, must be pleased. No one else is.

Agent Hads – nicely supported Agent Muss again, 56

Agents Harris, X, Sids and Bolly – 9 between them. Let’s hope they can bowl better.

Agents’ total for 10 hits – 245
Computer is not best pleased. Computer is down a fiver after betting agents wouldn’t make it to 200.

Mission status – epic fail
Opposition status – too bloody happy

Report ends


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