Derek Pringle: a captain’s wicket is loaded with symbolism and England have Ricky Ponting’s number

Ricky Ponting at a training session at the Ade...

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Coming into the series, Ponting looked leaner and meaner than he has done in a while. But looks can be deceptive and so far he has exceeded 10 is just one of his four innings.

Ponting has been under the pump in this game after England racked up a huge first-innings lead of 375 with five-and-a-half sessions of the game remaining. Facing that kind of deficit teams look to their captain for a lead, but Ponting was unable to give one after being dismissed by Graeme Swann for nine not long after lunch.

Australia’s skipper is better at playing spin than he was a decade ago but this was a tough assignment on a pitch beginning to play tricks afforded by three and bit days of wear and tear.

Full tory: The Telegraph


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