Merv Hughes: Australia’s recipe for improvement


Image by Michael Sheil via Flickr

This is going to hurt me much much more than it hurts you.

England were too good for Australia in the Second Test.  There. And no, it doesn’t feel better to have admitted it.  It sticks in my guts, just as the defeat will be sticking in the guts of every Australian player.

The Poms were as good as I have seen them for a long time.  Strauss lost the toss at the right time. James Anderson bowled skilfully, putting the ball consistently in the right spots, and coaxing variations in swing and seam that led to wickets.  And that is a lot harder than it seems, as demonstrated by the Australian attack.

In the second innings, Graeme Swann played to his rating of one of the best bowlers of 2010, and with Stuart Broad injured, their victory was even better than it looked.  With Alastair Cook in rare form and Kevin Pietersen stepping up to fill the hole left by Freddie Flintoff, every Australian player is going to learn a lot about themselves and their cricket future in the next month.

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