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Melbourne rises to homeboy Finch

Aaron Finch at KFC Twenty20 BigBash - WA v VIC...

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Melbourne loves a hometown hero. When Dean Jones and Bill Lawry were paraded around the ground during the fourth Test they were cheered to the rafters and all Shane Warne has to do is step foot on the turf to be hailed by the locals. Aaron Finch has a long way to go to match any of them, and may never play Test cricket, but for one night he gave the suffering Australia supporters something to cheer in front of his fellow Victorians.

Full story: ESPNcricinfo

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Shane Warne did think of a return but fitness foiled him

Ponting and Shane Warne during the 2006–07 Ash...

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Shane Warne has admitted that he did briefly consider returning for Australia in the current Ashes series but decided his fitness was not up to scratch.

However, the spinner appeared careful not to rule out returning to the Test arena in future. Writing in the Melbourne Herald Sun, Warne said: “Of course I would love to be out there in the thick of it but, if there was to be a comeback, I’d need time to get match fit.

“My general fitness is as good as it’s ever been – I have worked hard on that lately – but toiling away for long spells and backing up the next day takes time, practice, lots of physiotherapy and even more dedication. I must admit it did cross my mind but then I woke up in London, where it was snowing, and realised I was only dreaming.

Full story: The Guardian


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Michael Vaughan: Australia selectors are playing into England’s hands

Andrew Hilditch at a training session at the A...

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He might do well but it would be miraculous if he had a big game.

Australia’s selectors are looking to be the stars of the show by picking these wild cards. You live in the dark ages if you think a group of selectors should pick the team. The coach and captain should be able to pick their own selectors, who should then act as scouts.

It is hard to understand how Ricky Ponting has been in the job seven years and still does not get the team he wants, particularly when it is his head on the chopping block. You do not see the chairman of selectors in the headlines. It is all about Ponting going into this Test.

Full story: The Telegraph


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Beer is never the answer… (via Dan’s Cricket Blog)

Australia may be dishing out test match recalls like confetti but poor old Nathan Hauritz really must feel like a spare part at a wedding. The off-spinner is so disillusioned with life that he gave away some of his treasured test match jumpers at an impromptu garage sale at the weekend. Why? , you may ask. “I don’t play for them anymore,” he said both succintly and sadly. And who can blame him for feeling this way? Australia decided to call up ro … Read More

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True Aussie cricket fans are hoping their team gets thrashed (via Cricketwise)

You know what? I’m now actively hoping (despite money  lost on cocky pre-series bets) that Australia get thrashed in this series. Because only then will this current crop of losers get booted out. And I’m not talking about the players here. I’m talking about these jokers called selectors. Greg Chappell stuffed things up nicely for India with his ‘Ganguly-gate’ cock-up, and now he’s doing the same to us. In the old days, selectors would go to Shie … Read More

via Cricketwise

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